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Young Planners PIA Congress Review

For those of you who attended the PIA congress in April 2005, here in Melbourne, http://www.planning.org.au/youngplanners/related/ypconnect2005_summary.pdf
contains the review of the Young Planners Day, which occured at the end of the main congress. It was a great day had by all.

Career/Education 26th June, 2005 15:44:48   [#] [4 comments] 

Transport Planning

Attn: RMIT 3yr Planning students.
Pls see John T Jackson's e-mail dated 05/05 @1800:

Date - Tuesday 10th May
Time - 12.45pm - 4pm (ish)
Speakers - Paul Mees 1pm-2pm
Agnelo Duarte 2pm-3pm
Karsten Schuette 3pm-4pm
Room - 8.7.06 (the room next to reception)

The day's learning objectives aim to achieve the following:

1 - To learn about transport issues Melbourne currently faces and expects to face.
2 - To learn how such transport issues affect the life of a city and its inhabitants.
3 - To learn how planners can encourage sustainable modes of transports through land use planning.
4 - To learn how the major stakeholders are/are not working together collaboratively on such issues.
5 - To gain a better understanding of transport issues in Melbourne.
6 - To begin thinking about how these issues relate to M2030.
7 - To learn about land use planning which is occurring in Melbourne which promotes sustainable uses of transport?
8 - To begin thinking about what YOU can actually do in your planning careers to assist transport planning in Melbourne and/or abroad.

See you there.

Career/Education 6th May, 2005 00:36:12   [#] [0 comments] 

CRITICAL Cities Conference

CRITICAL stands for
City-Regions as Intelligent Territories: Inclusion, Competitiveness and Learning.

Date: 29 September 2004
Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Venue: Zinc, Federation Square, Melbourne

*** FREE PLACES *** WED 29th Oct. *** FREE PLACES ***
Innovation, Communities and Sustainable Regions:
A CRITICAL Dialogue Between Five Cities

Who should attend?
Regional economic development policy makers, industry leaders, local and state government agencies, academics, educational administrators, urban planners and built environment professionals.

See both the Career/Education section of this web site and your RMIT student e-mail for the attached flyer. RSVP ASAP!!

Career/Education 23rd September, 2004 10:32:10   [#] [0 comments] 

RMIT to introduce 25% increase in HECS fees for 2005.

A sad, sad day for all those people who one day dreamed of going to Uni, travelling overseas, buying a car, and buying their first home, as most of those before us have done.
We were hoping that RMIT would see sense and NOT introduce increased HECS fees, but we were wrong.

RMIT media release 17 May 2004

RMIT promises quality and accountability

RMIT University Council tonight announced that it will increase HECS fees by 25 per cent from 2005.

RMIT Chancellor Dennis Gibson said that the decision had been taken after extensive consideration of all the issues and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders.

Professor Gibson said that RMIT would invest one third of the additional HECS revenue over two years into a substantial scholarship program worth more than $5 million. The balance will go to infrastructure and activities that deliver immediate benefits for students.


“We are conscious that by increasing the cost to students we have an increased obligation to deliver value for money and support access to our programs,” Professor Gibson said.

“We aim to be transparent and accountable on both scores.”

“Although this is a difficult decision, it is one that supports our long term viability in an increasingly competitive environment.”

For more information please contact RMIT Public Affairs Manager Denise Hurley on 0407 853 489 or RMIT Public Affairs on (03) 9925 2807.

Taken from an email sent to all students on 18th May sent by Executive Director Marketing and Public Affairs.

Sadly, some of us this year believe that we are already getting a very raw deal regarding value for money, and I certainly hope that those with the increased fees will get value for money and then more. I don't know if this can be changed, if we can vote in a new political party that will reverse or alter this, or perhaps a better Austudy system. Today, as I read my student e-mail I am sorely disappointed in both our Government and our Tertiary Institutions that thought this was the best and only way to combat the need to supply education to Australians. I just hope that they don't interfere in the TAFE system as their next target. Lisa.

Career/Education 19th May, 2004 10:13:10   [#] [0 comments] 

PIA Young Planners

Hi all, the PIA Young Planner's 2004 calendar of events is now out. If you didn't receive an e-mail please check with any 2nd yrs so they can foward all the social and networking information that you need. Lisa.

Career/Education 25th March, 2004 14:49:33   [#] [0 comments] 

Town planners needed, says report

THERE is a critical shortage of town planners in cities including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, according to a new national report.

Released today at the Planning Institute of Australia's (PIA's) conference in Hobart, the six-month inquiry into planning education and employment found many were leaving the profession because of workplace stress.
Inquiry chair Sue Holliday said the shortage had reached critical levels in cities and nearby "seachange communities" where development pressures were highest.

The worst-affected areas were Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, together with their surrounds.

read more (courtesy news.com.au)

Career/Education 26th February, 2004 08:27:25   [#] [1 comment] 

Town planner shortage blamed on stress: inquiry

An national inquiry has found many town and city planners are leaving the profession because of workplace stress.

The Planning Institute of Australia's annual conference in Hobart has been told nationally there about 700 vacancies for planners.

Delegates have been told there is a critical shortage of planners in cities and regions where development pressures are highest.

Inquiry chairwoman Sue Holliday says what is becoming increasingly obvious is the stress involved in local government, which employs nearly half of the nation's planners.

"The inquiry has put on the table for the first time something many of us have heard about but really haven't been talking about and that is the working environment in local government for many planners is quite difficult.

"You're caught between three pressures the community, the developers and the councillors so it's quite a difficult working environment," she said.

(courtesy ABC Tasmania)

Career/Education 26th February, 2004 08:22:10   [#] [0 comments] 

NEWS FLASH: Re-enrolment

TAKEN from RMIT email services.

Dear student,

Re enrolment dates and times for Bachelor of Applied Science (Planning) are as follows;

BP107/188(Planning) A-K (surname) Friday December 5th,10.00am
BP107/188(Planning) L-Z (surname) Friday December 5th, 1.30pm

Enrolments are located in Building 8, Level 8.

Please note that if you cant attend enrolment you must send someone to enrol on your behalf at the time specified with an authorized proxy form signed by yourself, otherwise you risk losing your place in the program. Students are advised to disregard any previous information regarding completion times for the enrolment process and are required to attend enrolment sessions at the relevant time listed above.

Brian Walsh
School of Social Science and Planning
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476 V Melbourne VIC 3001
Ph. 03 9925 2901

Career/Education 19th November, 2003 05:45:25   [#] [2 comments] 


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