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Monday Melbourne: CCXCVII, March 2014
Russell Degnan

Parliament House. Taken March 2014

Melbourne 18th March, 2014 00:03:25   [#] [0 comments] 

Monday Melbourne: CCXCVI, March 2014
Russell Degnan

Corpuscular; White Night lights. Taken February 2014

Melbourne 3rd March, 2014 23:23:03   [#] [0 comments] 

Monday Melbourne: CCXCV, February 2014
Russell Degnan

St Paul's; White Night lights. Taken February 2014

Melbourne 24th February, 2014 23:17:42   [#] [0 comments] 

Monday Melbourne: CCXCIV, February 2014
Russell Degnan

Yarra; smoky morning. Taken February 2014

Melbourne 18th February, 2014 22:35:11   [#] [0 comments] 

Monday Melbourne: CCXCIII, February 2014
Russell Degnan

T+G Building. Taken February 2014

Melbourne 10th February, 2014 23:07:55   [#] [0 comments] 

The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of Fitzroy; The Builders Arms
Russell Degnan

211 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
(Corner Gertrude and Gore Street)

Few pubs represent the change in the Fitzroy pub scene like the Builders Arms. The last time I was there the cigarette smoke rested like a grey cloth across your shoulders in the unventilated room; while your feet squelched through several decades of stale spilt Carlton. Now it is an bright and airy but slightly expensive gastro-pub with up-market craft beers on tap. The bulk of the bar is given to the bistro, leaving only a small front-bar, some street tables and a few high tables if you want a drink. But it is pleasant enough.

The counter meal menu is a little limited, being mostly snacks, but there are a few offerings worth checking out for a light meal at a decent price. I chose the burger; tasty but slightly too much pickle, which overwhelmed the rest of the meal, including the otherwise decent chips. In general though, I've heard nothing but good things about the meals here, even if the prices border on steep.

The Short: For foodies and Sunday afternoon drinks.

Melbourne 14th January, 2014 15:10:10   [#] [0 comments] 

Monday Melbourne: CCXCII, December 2013
Russell Degnan

And the Morrell Bridge, towards Richmond. Taken December 2013

Melbourne 31st December, 2013 18:06:56   [#] [0 comments] 

The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of South Melbourne; Bells Hotel
Russell Degnan

157 Moray Street, South Melbourne
(Corner Moray and Coventry Street)

The exterior of the Bells Hotel doesn't raise expectations; the modern night-clubesque signage, the TAB, and the paltry outoor tables bring to mind suburban monsters designed to load up the patrons with alcohol and lighten their wallets. It is a better pub than that though. The TAB is out the side, and while the interior is modern, it retains some of it's heritage spatial structure that allows you to find a quieter space, or to watch various sports events in the outdoor areas; though, at least ona Friday, most of the patrons are out for a night. There is plenty of room for functions too; as we discovered wandering in there just prior to Christmas with parties tucked into various corners.

The food is respectable, traditional pub food at a good price. I chose the fish and chips, which had a thick and crispy beer batter, decent chips and average salad. There are specials every weekday, making this a good low cost option for locals; fans of Mexican beer, James Squire and cider are particularly well catered for. You can read into that what you will.

The Short: For unbuttoned shirts and short skirts on summer evenings

Melbourne 31st December, 2013 17:39:38   [#] [0 comments] 

Monday Melbourne: CCXCI, December 2013
Russell Degnan

From a little past Morrell Bridge. Taken November 2013

Melbourne 10th December, 2013 18:31:10   [#] [0 comments] 

The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of Fitzroy; The British Crown Hotel
Russell Degnan

14 Smith Street, Collingwood
(Corner Smith and Mason Street)

Down the bad end of Smith Street, where the businesses look perennially closed and certainly not hip, and the food tends to fast; the exterior of British Crown Hotel hints at being an old school watering hole for the dissipating working class. It is not though; having been recently refurbished, it is a relatively bland and extremely spacious modern pub: copious tv screens, polished surfaces, and an enormous beer garden. Not that there is anything wrong with those things; and I am sure it piles the punters in on a Saturday.

The bar menu, like the pub, hints at a strategy of quantity over quality. The parmas are cheap - standard sized - but only $9.90 (as is the steak). They come in multiple pizza-like flavours, from which I chose the Hawaiian, with chips and an oily salad I couldn't finish. It is hard to do a bad parma, and this was not a bad parma; but nor was it a good one. The chicken was a little dry, the crumb fairly boring, the chips nothing special. If you lived next door it would be a good home substitute, but it isn't worth travelling for.

The Short: For functions, super-cheap parmas and certain types of nights out

Next Week: Bell's Hotel (Corner Coventry and Moray Street)

Melbourne 8th December, 2013 22:33:26   [#] [0 comments] 

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