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Aaron Hewett

Russell asked me to write more on the website... so here I am... writing about shit and procrastinating about doing my Policy Briefing Paper and my Field Trip Report.

I realise I don't know you guys* very well. I didn't attend either of the study camps last semester. From all the gossip I have heard, I gather you got to know each other pretty well... some of you got to know each other extra well. Just keep in mind that we'll be together for 4 whole years during our journey through this course so don't ruin your reputation too early.

So get to know the people in your course (like me) who you don't know very well and who you didn't get to talk to at length around the camp fires. If you haven't the foggiest idea who I am have a look at my website. It's very old. I spent many hours working on it while unemployed and living in Wagga Wagga.

It's been a year since I moved to Melbourne. Yay! I'm originally from Perth and I spent 3 months in the interim (voluntarily) in Wagga. Most of my family live in WA and my mum is coming to visit me in a few months. Yay!

This whole coming to Melbourne thing has been a step in the right direction. I found somewhere to live, I got into uni, I got a job and I've met a whole lot of great people.

Anyway... I should really get some work done. Feel free to post responses to my speel or opinions about my website and its content.



* The term "guys" has become a word that seems to apply to everyone regardless of their gender. It's wrong to apply such a loaded and gendered term to everyone but no-one is making any effort to change the popular language in this regard. If I refer to everyone as "girls" all the guys out there will assume I'm attacking their masculinity and will beat their hairy chests in protest. No-one wants that. Why do you girls** put up with the double standard?

**Calling people "girls" is wrong when talking about people who are in fact fully grown women. For some reason it has become an informal way of refering to women along the same line as "guys". I find it is less offensive than "chick"... but then again I'm not a woman and I've never been called a chick so who am I to comment. As you can tell I went through a "read as many books on feminism as I can" stage. Followed by "read as many books on liberal Christianity as I can" stage and "read as many books on politics as I can" stage... so I'm your man on the topics no-one else wants to discuss around the dinner table.

General 19th August, 2003 19:08:19   [#] 


yes, procrastination...
Man, Aaron, I wouldn't have asked you if knew you were a democrat! Actually I did (Google is amazing) but anyway...

It's interesting, for me, looking at the way people adjust to social concerns at Uni. Coming back to Uni, as I have, rather than progressing from school it is much more obvious that certain people sort-of get "lost". They don't know anyone, just go to class, go home, etc. The camps were great for ameliorating that although there are a few people I know of in Planning and Environment that still seem to be in that position.

So, if you are reading (HA!) and you are one of those people then you should come and say hi to the rest of us. We don't bite much (except Ben but he's had his shots).

Re: the use of "guys". There are lots of adequate gender non-specific words you can use: "people" (not a fan), "everyone" (which has a nice universality to it), or something more obscure like "fellow travellers".

If anybody should be offended by "guys" it should be, well, guys. Yet again, a useful gender-specific word is subsumed by the collective and reduced in value. "Actor" for instance. Why the hell use "female actor" when you can just say "actress"? Or names, why do so many girls have boys name? There are lots of girls names. I think it's time guys stood up and said, "damnit, we're guys, and you aren't, so piss off and find your own word".

I know that books feeling: I went through a stage reading lots of books about economic history. You want people to ignore you at a dinner table, try starting a discussion on inter-urban transport policy in 14thC northern Italy.
Russell  20th August, 2003 22:54:17  

I hope that is just a clever use of sarcasm Russ.
Len  25th August, 2003 21:10:14  


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