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Of Platforms and such...
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Well, today I decided to go and investigate Platforms 12 and 13 in Flinders Street Station...

Needless to say, I was shocked and appalled at the disgusting waste of space under there! Seriously! It's quite dark and confined there, but I daresay the area could be used...in some way or another. Perhaps you all (all 7 of you now! )can suggest ways in which the area can be utilised in a more holistic and social way. At the moment, it' just a horrible dank alley with the occassional Vline train passing through. It could be so much more!!

Thus ends my attempt at bringing this site to life.

Tales of the City 11th September, 2003 22:34:40   [#] 


Interesting idea
Tom, I agree, it could be good to put it to use - I'd never much considered it before. The problem though, is that it is totally under Fed Square so actually getting people into it is a problem. Apart from country travellers - and the poor suckers from the Cranbourne line that occasionally get dumped there and alight the train looking like they've just been transported to the moon - there isn't any pedestrian traffic through there.

Given its position, I'd do this: One, close platforms 12 and 13 from access to the rest of Flinders St station and open them to the general public. No more pretending to be a V-Line traveller then hopping to the other platforms to take a Met train. Two, add a little staircase of some sort up to Fed Square, but keep the lighting the same. Three, remove the rails for platform 13, and create a little alcove where the rails were. Four, add some "alternative art" exhibitions, and maybe a bar or two. Thus integrating it into the Fed Square complex, and providing an easy means of crossign the street (although, as I've said before, I'd close the street to cars).

But, if you think those platforms are a waste, check this out. Probably the prettiest subway station in New York, abandoned for almost 60 years.

Russell  20th September, 2003 10:25:12  

The problem herein lies with the random nature of vline timetables. Making them use one of the Met platforms could pose a problem, not only with the integration of V/line trains with the Met trains, but also with the confusion it would cause for the simple country folk that are forced to use V/line (ok, it isn't that bad, but V/line trains are rarely on time).

Anyhoo, I agree with you that getting over to Fed Square is pretty time consuming. I daresay that no one in their right mind would cross using that walkway along the Yarra (there is one there right?)

In anycase, there isn't actually any platform 12/13; they're a product of Victrack's imagination...and dodgy signage.
Tom  20th September, 2003 21:25:17  

There is a platform 12/13. There is no platform 11 (there was, the track has been removed), and there is no distinction really between 12 and 10, but there are 12/13 (or was, last I looked).

The V/Line trains can still stop on platform 12. You would only convert 13 to something else. And change the entrances so you don't have to go through the Met area. It should be less confusing (given that, at the moment, you do have to go through the Met area).

There is a crossing along the river to Fed Square, which is pleasant enough, if you like the underside of bridges. You need to go down a spiral staircase behind the Clocks tavern, under the bridge, then up another staircase after the ferry places which puts you in the square itself. The lights are substantially quicker.
Russell  20th September, 2003 23:11:36  

Southern Cross Station
I imagine that all V/line trains in future will start and stop at the new Southern Cross station (when it's finished) rather than stopping at Flinders St - therefore freeing up that space now designated platform 12/13.

I think there are plans for Northbank - funky cafes and things like that.
Aaron Hewett  23rd September, 2003 16:06:49  

They already do...
The V/Line trains (for Traralgon/Sale) already go through to Spencer St. But they stop at Flinders St. as well, I doubt they'll stop that service since it would piss the passengers off majorly. Having said that, they could use platform 10 (and often do), or stick with 13, as per my original comment.

re: Northbank. 12/13 is on the opposite side to Northbank under Fed-square. There used to be two platforms on that side, the other being the extension of platform 1. I made some comments about Northbank previously, but I'll restate them. As far as I'm concerned it is ludicrous to do any development there without removing the railway lines. They will be twice as hard to get rid of if there is development over the top, so either your long-term (100+ years) strategic plan is to remove them, or it isn't. And if it isn't then it's a disgrace.
Russell  23rd September, 2003 20:08:32  

I stand corrected!
...and I thank the Melbourne show for showing me! It seems that with the increased traffic, the illusive platform 13 is used...while platform 12 is just an extention of platform 10...strange.

Northbank would be nice if it were developed a little differently to Southbank. Southbank is basically one rather large plaza, if Northbank were developed to allow for individual shops/bars/cafes then I think that would go odwn well with the Melbournians.

J.C. Thomas Anderson  23rd September, 2003 22:20:29  

I very much see Northbank (all of the Northbank that is, not just the part on top of the railway tracks) as the link between the city and the river. Hence the importance I place in removing the railway tracks and the reason I'd put Flinders St. underground. The first priority for development should be ease of access, which it definitely doesn't have at the moment.

I agree on the cafe point. One of its issues is that it is partially shaded in winter (but not summer) because of the tall buildings, and so, it probably isn't very pleasant to stroll along. I know for a fact that Batman park (on Spencer St.), where the 'Yellow Peril' is, is windblown and routinely empty. So, it will need a lot of shelter from the wind.
Russell  26th September, 2003 12:02:58  


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