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The Trivia night that was.

Wow, am I brain tired. Credit to Russell and Ben for amazing questions. I have never been in a trivia night with such broad and interesting questions. PS. For those who asked, the Recipes are below. Also, if I have missed anything, my apologies.

Total amount going the ACF from the night: 25%. And that amount, yet to be calculated.

Raffle winner: Brendan Cousins won the toolbox, hilarious. And Jess, Amy or Anth won the Le Salon (Box Hill) $40 hair voucher. How funny could a night be that we have plenty of visitor’s and new guests, and two of our inner fold win the raffle.

Door prizes: Mr Anderson, Tom that is, won a mystery DVD. Mrs Anderson, Tom’s sister (Mum) won a mystery CD, and can anyone remind me, who won the other CD and DVD? It was Jon (of Deport Merlin) and Adam (of Cate's first year table)

The lollipop prizes: The brains of each table.

Winning Team: Russell’s ring-ins, named “Deport Merlin”. 10 ultra practised trivia brains, that could have done with a handicapped starting block, (what do you think Russ?)

Wooden Spoon team: Ben’s fantastic preforming drag/dress up team. You could not have met a nicer bunch of happy lovely, and well dressed trivia team. Well done Ben and your team. Lovely.

We should thank (in no order):

The TRIO that met you at the door, three new smurfs ‘happy, funny and sunny’. Otherwise know as Anth, Jess and Amy. I’ll take $10, here have a stamp, and don’t forget the lucky door prize ticket.

Russell, he had a dream, he turned it into an idea, he wanted to make it happen, last night it happened. The Inaugural Trivia night. Russ, it worked, people learned and laughed, and got tipsy, it was a success. Great venue, well organised, and those questions, oh my god, those questions. To say they were challenging would describe them brilliantly.

Ben, fantastic comparing skills, and great smile technique, well done. As for the drag, well what a surprise, Ben wanting to wear a dress, make-up and be in the spotlight, you would never guess that! Great venue set up too.

Anthony for his total management and co-ordination of the night. Go Mr Vice-President, or President Elect you could say. The prizes and food would not have been so successful had it not been for Anthony’s management skills and event co-ordination natural talents. Also, great new shirt, very ‘noice’. Anthony’s smile and energy lifted everyone on the night. Also great venue set up too.

Jess, the lady who wore a fantastic skirt (did anyone notice how nice the material was & how lovely she looked, I forgot to compliment her) and without her, the meet and greet at the front door, the food on your table, the raffle tickets in your hand, and the sparkling kitchen would not have been possible. Major credit for being artist and skilful in the creation and presentation of the fairy bread. No Jess, No fairy bread.

Amy, great support, and fantastic meet and greet’er. Also could carry a mean platter or plate or two.

Polly, the smile you need on a night like tonight. Polly breezed in with not one but two new jobs, and a great smile to sooth the nerves. Also, her fantastic hospitality skills, boy can that girl hand out platters and plates of sausage roll with ease. Polly was the Environment tables secret weapon, well done Polly.

Tom, the bearer of music equipment, door prize entrepreneur, meeting house holder, and good around communicator and feedback giver. Tom and Paige thanks for your set-up help. Tom’s adventurous nature, and ‘fun for all’ energy was great and rubbed off on everyone last night. Russell says 'Actually, the trivia night was Len and Tom's idea'.Good idea Tom and Len!

Steph & housemate, thanks for after party kitchen stuff.

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Questions + Answers

General 18th June, 2004 13:24:56   [#] 


Well, what a success that was! I'd like to thank everyone that put in the marginally hard work to make the night a success and a BIG thankyou to Lisa for doing practically all the catering. What a job that must've been.

To everyone who came, thank you very much for supporting our society, the proceeds (most of them) of the night will go charity, and the rest will fund our next extravaganza. No, seriously, it's going to be damned good!
Tom  18th June, 2004 23:13:32  

More praise and comments
First, I should add that the night wasn't my idea, but Len and Tom's so kudos to them for a good idea.

Also, a night like this depends entirely on who turns up so, special thanks to everyone who organised - or even tried to organise - a table. In particular, Cate, Nick, Brendan, Robin, Ben, Lisa, Tom, Carl, Steph, Amy, Polly and my friends Scott and Rob. Apologies if I forgot anyone.
Russ  19th June, 2004 20:16:27  

You might be interested to know that at least some of the "ring-ins" are involved in the conservative side of politics ... so, even though they won, they had to fund the ACF to do it :)

Seriously, we all had a good time - thanks to the organisers.
Rob Merkel  25th June, 2004 12:29:42  


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